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A docker built on CentOS 7 with OpenLDAP and SSHD installed (run using supervisor)
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Suitable for dev and test purposes that need an LDAP.
The purpose of having sshd installed is to enable accessing the docker using ssh from the host machine and adding / modifying user records in LDAP.
Besides, it also illustrates a technique of running more than one service in a docker (if you have to) using supervisor.

The Dockerfile and other scripts are available on github :

A ssh public key is already embedded in this docker image. This public key and the corresponding private key are available from the github location above. They may be used for dev / test purposes, if you want. Ideally , though, you should create your own key pair and rebuild the Docker using your own public key.

You can run the docker using the command :

sudo docker run -d your_user/openldap_ssh

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