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Pico CMS Docker on CentOS 7
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Dockerfile and other required files to build and run a Pico CMS docker on CentOS 7.

Pico CMS is a simple flat file CMS that does not need a database. It runs on most web servers like Apache. More info at :


A docker using this Dockerfile has already been published to dockerhub at :



To build your docker using the Dockerfile in this repository :

i. Copy the 3 files : Dockerfile , pico-httpd.conf, and to your local machine. Then from the directory where you copied the 3 files, run :

ii. sudo docker build -t="your_user/picocms" .

(Replace your_user by your user name)


To run the docker, issue the following command :

sudo docker run -d -p mapped_port:80 your_user/picocms

(Replace your_user by your user name. Map container port 80 to a suitable mapped_port on the docker host.)

Then connect to Pico CMS from a browser on the docker host:


OR, if mapped_port is accessible through the firewall:


Using volumes

You may use volumes to attach a web content directory or plugin directory, or new configuration to the PicoCMS docker.

For example, since PicoCMS serves content from the /var/www/html/content-sample directory, you can start the docker with your own web-content as follows:

sudo docker run -d -v your_content_directory:/var/www/html/content-sample -p mapped_port:80 picocms

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