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Plug & play proxy for using with Odoo in workers mode
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Odoo Proxy


This is a plug & play proxy for using with Odoo in worker mode.


Because Odoo needs you to redirect requests to URLs starting with
/longpolling to its longpolling port (8072 by default) when you configure
it in workers mode.


We use the official Alpine-based HAProxy image with a small
configuration file.


Available environment variables


Defines a host that must be forced. For instance, if your instance resides on,, and but you
want users to get redirected to no matter where they came
from, you should set in this variable (default: empty).


Defines if the proxy should add the X-Forwarded-* headers to the request
(default: 1 (yes)). If you disable it, it must be because those are already
added by another proxy before this one


Defines where Odoo's longpolling port is listening (default: odoo:8072).


Defines where the Odoo backend is listening (default: odoo:8069).

Useful notes

If you use this container, it means you should enable Odoo's proxy mode.

If you need SSL, then this is not for you. Better go for
haproxy-letsencrypt, which includes an Odoo mode.


Please send any feedback (issues, questions) to the issue tracker.

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