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Base image raspbian wheezy armhf/arm7 for raspberry pi (full version)
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Raspbian wheezy arm7

The raspbian wheezy armhf/arm7 base image, full version. Download size 150MB, virtual size 291 MB. No tweaks, no modifications.

Build instructions

Made using debootstrap on raspberry pi using the following commands:

Create chroot:

 $ sudo debootstrap --arch=armhf wheezy /chroots/wheezy-armhf-rpi

 $ cd /chroots/wheezy-armhf-rpi

 $ wget

Run chroot and update:packages:

  $ sudo /usr/sbin/chroot /chroots/wheezy-armhf-rpi

  $ mount -t proc proc /proc

  $ apt-key add raspbian.public.key

  $ apt-get update

  $ exit

Create docker image:

 $ sudo tar -C /chroots/wheezy-armhf-rpi  -c . | sudo docker import - tedsluis/raspbian.arm7

Push docker image to docker hub:

$ sudo docker push tedsluis/raspbian.arm7:latest

Test this image:

 $ sudo docker run -i -t tedsluis/raspbian.arm7 /bin/bash

 $ uname -vrs

  Linux 3.18.11   #2 SMP PREEMPT   arm7

Creation date: 2015-04-29

Created using Hypriot OS with Docker 1.6 (

Ted Sluis

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