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Build environment for Android Open Source Project Lollipop and newer versions
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Docker image for building Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Lollipop (5.0) and future verions.

Note: For older versions, e.g. KitKat, please check tedwang-tw/docker-aosp-v4.


Pull the image from the Docker Hub. This is the recommended method of installation as it is easier to update image.

docker pull tedwang/aosp-v5:latest

Alternately you can build the image locally.

git clone
cd docker-aosp-v5
docker build -t tedwang/aosp-v5 .

Here you can swap the base image with either tedwang/aosp-base12 or -base14 by manually modifying "FROM" command in Dockerfile.

Note: If you'd like the original monolithic build, you can clone by the branch "monolithic":

git clone -b monolithic
cd docker-aosp-v5
docker build -t tedwang/aosp-v5:monolithic .


You can launch the image using the docker command line, suppose you have prepared a folder for aosp download at the local host, e.g. ~/AOSP,

docker run --name='aosp-v5' -it --rm \
-v ~/AOSP:/home/android/aosp \
tedwang/aosp-v5 \

The /home/android/aosp is the mounted point inside the container.

Once entering the container, you can operate as the normal developing:

0 android@ ~ $ cd aosp
0 android@ ~/aosp $ git config --global ""
0 android@ ~/aosp $ git config --global "My Name"
0 android@ ~/aosp $ repo init -u -b android-l-preview_r2
0 android@ ~/aosp $ repo sync
0 android@ ~/aosp $ source build/
0 android@ ~/aosp $ lunch ......

Note: You should repo the Lollipop branch.



  • Setup for ccache
  • <del>Separate base image</del>


  • 2014-11-15
    • Created branch "monolithic" for no separated base image build
    • "master" branch now includes the separated base image
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