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Go (Golang) plus Atom Editor
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Go (Golang) plus Atom Editor Docker image

This image provides

  • Go language
  • some of the tools usefull for the development of Go programs.
    see teenooch/golang-plus
  • atom Editor
  • atom plugins for Go
    • file-icons
    • file-types
    • go-plus
    • highlight-line
    • highlight-selected
    • language-docker
    • minimap
    • minimap-highlight-selected
    • monokai
    • monokai-light
    • terminal-plus
    • vim-mode-plus
  • a basic configuration of atom

Atom is run as user atom. Working directory is /go.

To create a container :

  docker run -d -v /tmp/.X11-unix/:/tmp/.X11-unix/ -v /dev/shm/:/dev/shm/ -v /home/myuser/go/src/:/go/src/ -v /home/myuser/dev/:/home/atom/dev/ -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY --name go-atom teenooch/go-atom

Make sure you are allowed to open the display. If not try xhost +local:

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