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This repository contains a collection of Docker configurations I've put together to meet my needs.

Directory Structure

  • Nginx

    Nginx based frameworks have a simple directory structure that can be used to easily deploy web applications using a volume on /data.

              nginx-*.conf // included by nginx
              php-*.conf // included by php5-fpm
              index.html // root web directory (index file is index.html or index.php)
              nginx.log // nginx log file
              php-fpm.log // php-fpm log file
              filename.ext // private files such as passwords or keys

The following commands can be used to deploy some of the services offered by the Docker containers in this repository.

  • Base

    • Arch Linux

        docker run --name="arch-linux" -it teffcz/arch-linux
    • Data

        docker run --name="data" -it teffcz/data
    • Debian

        docker run --name="debian" -it teffcz/debian
    • Ubuntu

        docker run --name="ubuntu" -it teffcz/ubuntu
  • Frameworks

    • Nginx

        docker run --name="nginx-data" teffcz/data
        docker run --name="nginx" -it --volumes-from="nginx-data", teffcz/nginx
    • Nginx + PHP-FPM

        docker run --name="nginx-php-data" teffcz/data
        docker run --name="nginx-php" -it --volumes-from="nginx-php-data", teffcz/nginx-php
  • Services

    • Dnsmasq

        docker run --name="dnsmasq-data" teffcz/data
        docker run --name="dnsmasq" -it --privileged --volumes-from="dnsmasq-data" -p 53:53 -p 53:53/udp teffcz/dnsmasq
    • MariaDB

        docker run --name="mariadb-data" teffcz/data
        docker run --name="mariadb" -it --volumes-from="mariadb-data" teffcz/mariadb
    • PostgreSQL

        docker run --name="postgresql-data" teffcz/data
        docker run --name="postgresql" -it --volumes-from="postgresql-data" teffcz/postgresql
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