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ubuntu:14.04-based MooseFS chunkserver instance
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ubuntu:14.04-based MooseFS chunkserver instance

MooseFS is a distributed, fault-tolerant filesystem, you can use many computers together to hold a lot of data and present it to users as a single filesystem on Unix/Linux/Mac OS X.

mfschunkserver is the program that allows a computer to hold some of that data. For more info see

I have started experimenting with Docker > mfschunkserver in order to improve response time to problems with a chunkserver. If a chunkserver's OS goes wonky, I need to be able to bring it back to life as quickly as possible; now that we have Docker, it's a case of re-installing the OS onto the hardware, installing docker, and pulling the image. This removes the bit in the middle where I'm fiddling about with *.cfg files, and generally improves robustness.

  • requires:
    • working mfsmaster server
  • usage
    • docker run -d -p 9419-9422:9419-9422 --add-host mfsmaster:[[IP_OF_MFSMASTER]] -v /host/storage:/mnt/sdb1 tehbenneh/ubuntu_mfschunkserver
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