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A SMTP server using LDAP as user database backend
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Docker postfix-ldap

A Docker image running Postfix on Debian stable ("jessie" at the moment) with the LDAP backend (using bind auth)

The Postfix is configured to :

  • Relay incoming mails going to $DOMAIN to the mda host using the LMTP protocol. (MDA: Mail Delivery Agent)
  • Relay outgoing mails to other domains only if the user is authenticated (using LDAP backend)
  • Sign the outgoing mails and verify the incoming ones (DKIM)


The image exposes several TCP ports:

  • 25: SMTP port
  • 587: Submission port
  • 465: SMTPS port

Data persistence

The image exposes three directories:

  • /var/spool/postfix: Postfix mail queues. You should use a data volume in order to save the queue content if the container restarts.
  • /etc/ssl/localcerts: Service certificate and keys are stored in this volume. Postfix is expecting the following PEM files: /etc/ssl/localcerts/smtp.cert.pem and /etc/ssl/localcerts/smtp.key.pem. If none are provided, the startup script will generate new keys and self-signed certificate.
  • /etc/postfix: If you want to override the default configurations, you can use this volume to make Postfix use your files.


The most simple use would be to start the application like so :

docker run -d
-p 25:25
--link ldap-container:ldap
--link mda-container:mda
-e LDAP_BASE="ou=users,dc=yourdomain,dc=com"
-e DOMAIN=""

However, you should use your own certificate and a data-only container to persist the postfix queues:

docker run -d
-p 587:587
-p 465:465
--link ldap-container:ldap
--link mda-container:mda
--volumes-from smtp-certs
--volumes-from smtp-queues
-e LDAP_BASE="ou=users,dc=yourdomain,dc=com"
-e DOMAIN=""


Note: If you are using a custom configuration volume, do not use the following variables.

The following environment variables allow you to configure the container:

  • LDAP_BASE (required): The base dn of the LDAP users
  • LDAP_USER_FIELD (required): The name of the LDAP field used to check username
  • DOMAIN (required): The domain used for local delivery (forward to the mda host)
  • HOSTNAME (required): The name resolution of the container public IP (ex: Used during HELO commands. Some remote SMTP server might refuse your messages if this variable is missing or misconfigured
  • DKIM_SELECTOR: If filled, the DKIM feature will be used to verify incoming emails and sign outgoing ones with this selector.
  • SSL_KEY_PATH: The SSL private key path
  • SSL_CERT_PATH: The SSL certificate path
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