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Docker image for OpenMRS platform 2.0 MySQL database
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OpenMRS Platform MySQL Docker

Docker containers for OpenMRS Platform MySQL

This repository contains the necessary code to create Docker containers that start an instance
of the OpenMRS Platform MySQL database.

For more information about the OpenMRS Platform visit


Make sure you have Docker installed.


You need to have the Docker image locally in order to run it.

You can either build it yourself or pull it from the :cloud:

Please follow the appropriate section below.


Start by cloning this repository:

git clone

Enter the directory and build the image:

cd docker-openmrs-platform-mysql
docker build --tag openmrs-platform-mysql .


The Docker image is hosted on Docker Hub

You can pull via

docker pull teleivo/openmrs-platform-mysql


Ensure you built or pulled the image first.

Run an instance of the image (OpenMRS Platform database):

docker run -d openmrs-platform-mysql -p 3306:3306 docker-openmrs-platform-mysql --name openmrsdb \
    -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD="root" \
    -e MYSQL_USER="openmrs" \
    -e MYSQL_PASSWORD="openmrs" \
    -e MYSQL_DATABASE="openmrs"


If you want to find your image list all images and look for your tag:

docker images


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Docker Pull Command