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Webapp to manage people's will to participate in a WiFi ISP
Full Description

"Wifi with me" is a webapp to inventory people's will to participate in a wireless ISP.

Run from Docker

If you have docker-compose installed, the only command needed is :

docker-compose up -d

If you only have the base Docker program, you can simply run :

docker run -d --name wifi-with-me -p 8080:8080 --restart=unless-stopped teleragno/wifi-with-me

Warning : for now, no data volume has been set, so be carefull that your data will be lost if the container is deleted.

Run from sources


We use bottle micro-framework.

apt-get install python-bottle

(current code works with debian-stable version of bottle)


pip install bottle

Database initializaion

python createdb



Then hit http://localhost:8080

To run in debug mode (auto-reload)

DEBUG=1 ./

Bottle will reload on source change, but not on template change if you're using
an old version of bottle.

You can specify listening port and address by setting BIND_PORT and
BIND_ADDR env vars, ex:


Default is to listen on, port 8080.

You can also pass a URL_PREFIX='/some_folder/' if you don't want the app to be
served at the root of the domain.

Build GeoJSON files

python buildgeojson

Drop the database

rm db.sqlite3

What else ?

Customizing appearance

Wether you like or not balloons, you may want to override some templates and/or
static files.

You can mention a CUSTOMIZATION_DIR as environ variable. In that dir, you can
create assets and views subdirs, containing files with the name of the
original files you want to override from default assets and views.

For example to override only main.css and base.tpl, you would set
CUSTOMIZATION_DIR=/home/alice/my-fancy-isp-theme and use the following directory
layout :

├── assets
│   └── main.css
└── views
    └── base.tpl
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