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A docker instance to debug Travis JVM builds.
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Travis JVM Docker Image for Debugging

Utilises the travis-jvm image along with travis-cli and travis-build to create an environment where you can locally debug/test your Travis JVM builds.


To build from Dockerfile do the following:

docker build -t tellisnz/travis-jvm-debug .


When started with:

docker run -it --name travis-debug tellisnz/travis-jvm-debug

You'll arrive at a bash prompt in /home/travis/build. In here, you can clone your project, ensuring you include your username in the full path, like:

git clone myuser/myrepo

This is because the generated travis build script relies on the full path. You then compile your build script with:

cd myuser/myrepo && travis compile > ~/build/ \
&& chmod 755 ~/build/ && cd ~/build

or equivalent. You can then try running your build with the ~/build/ script.

Rerunning Builds

If you'd like to be able to re run your builds (as dependencies can take a while to download), ensure your scripts tidy up your file system. Then, after exiting from a previous container run, restart and attach to the container with:

docker start travis-debug
docker attach travis-debug

You'll then be starting afresh, but hopefully with your dependencies from the previous run retained.

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