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Docker container for Tellki agent
Full Description

Tellki is a SaaS server and application monitoring solution for sysadmins and developers:

  • Easy, fast and centralized monitoring setup for your servers, DBs, Apps and sites.
  • Custom monitoring: write your monitoring scripts, immediately test on your servers and check the result - all from the web browser.
  • External monitoring: check your sites, APIs and Apps from different locations around the world using our public agents
  • Comprehensive alerting: instant email and sms notifications. Run corrective actions. Own, disown and annotation operations. Define user instructions and customize messages.
  • Visualize & Analyze: real time fully customizable operational board and dashboards. Compare any metrics/servers/apps with our trending analytics reports.
  • Automation: create schedulers in order to automate recurring tasks.
  • Android and iPhone Apps: real time push alert notifications. Start corrective actions. View all your metrics in real time.

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Tellki Agent Container

Monitor your host and containers using our Tellki Agent distributed via a Docker image. You just have to run the docker image with your Tellki account key, and it will automatically start a container running Tellki Agent and start monitoring your host.

Config steps

1. Run Docker image
sudo docker run \
  --name=tellki-agent \
  --volume=/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
  --volume=/etc/mtab:/host/etc/mtab \
  --detach=true --net=host --privileged \
  --env=KEY=<ACCOUNT_KEY> \

Note: Replace <ACCOUNT_KEY> with your Tellki account key.

2. Visualize metrics

As soon as the agent is installed, it immediately starts collecting metrics of your Docker host.

Monitor Docker Containers

Tellki allows you to monitor your Docker Containers individually or your Docker Applications (as a Group of Containers). For details see this article.

Docker Pull Command