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You can find in the corresponding repository

docker run -d -v /path/to/config:/home/logio/ -v /var/log/apache2:/logs/apache2 --name logio-harvester temal/logio-harvester

What you need to provide


Files for the harvester to read. In this example, the logfiles are available at /var/log/apache2 on the host and /logs/apache2 in the docker container.

Harvester configuration

Filename harvester.conf at /path/to/config.

An example for harvester.conf fiting our example here would be:

exports.config = {
    nodeName: "webserver01",
    logStreams: {
      apache: [
    server: {
      host: 'CHANGEME',
      port: 28777

Linking of containers

Remember to change the server host to the corresponding host.
If you link them with "--link logio-server:logserver" you can change the value of "host" to "logserver".
If you have a static IP for you logio-server instance, you can also just put this IP into the config.

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