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Docker image that give the ability to mount a NFS share to host
Full Description

NFS - Client

The purpose of this image is to provide the ability to mount a NFS share to host


docker run -dit --restart=always --cap-add SYS_ADMIN / 
-v /mnt/data:/mnt/data:shared /
-e SHARE=/mnt/share / 
-e MOUNT=/mnt/data /
-e OPTIONS="nfsvers=3,rw,nolock,soft,intr,timeo=10,noatime" / 
-e FSTYPE=nfs /
--name nfs-mount tender/nfs-client:0.1 
  • FSTYPE : Possible FStypes NFS, NFS4
  • SERVER : the remote NFS server
  • SHARE : the remote share
  • MOUNT : local host folder used for the mounting (will be created)
  • OPTIONS : anything like nfsvers=4,nfsvers=3,vers=3,rw,nolock,vers=3,soft,intr,timeo=10,noatime,proto=tcp,.....
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