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spotify cassandra-opstools
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Generic tools and scripts to help operating Cassandra cluster:

spcassandra-abortrepairs                 Stops ongoing anti-entropy sessions on the local Cassandra host
spcassandra-autobalance                  Automatically redistributes the tokens in a cluster so they are evenly distributed. Tries to move as few tokens as possible to achieve this.
                                         In a multi-DC setup, all datacenters must have the same number of nodes. Only useful when not using vnodes.
spcassandra-dsnitch                      Outputs the score the Cassandra snitch has for every peer.
spcassandra-generate-repairs             Generates "nodetool repair" commands that repairs an entire cluster with small token ranges.
spcassandra-repairstats                  Scans the Cassandra system log and displays readable statistics of finished and running repairs.
spcassandra-tombstones                   Scans a sstable and prints number of tombstones for each partition.
spcassandra-truncatehints                Truncates hints on localhost toward the specified hosts.
spcassandra-truncateallints              Truncates all hints on localhost toward the specified hosts.


# spcassandra-dsnitch with Cassandra address and JMX port
$ docker run --rm --name spcassandra-dsnitch     \
    tenmax/cassandra-opstools spcassandra-dsnitch       \ 7199

# spcassandra-generate-repairs with Cassandra address, ginger keyspace and restrict local repair
$ docker run --rm --name spcassandra-repairstats    \
    -v /var/log/cassandra:/var/log/cassandra:ro     \
    tenmax/cassandra-opstools spcassandra-generate-repairs \
        -H -k ginger

# spcassandra-repairstats
$ docker run --rm --name spcassandra-repairstats \
    -v /var/log/cassandra:/var/log/cassandra:ro  \
    tenmax/cassandra-opstools spcassandra-repairstats
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