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Sends mongodb `db.serverStatus()` to the Graphite and InfluxDb.
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Sends mongodb db.serverStatus() to the Graphite and InfluxDb.


Application is distributed as a docker container, which can be found here:

So you just need to pull it:

docker pull tenshi/mongo-metrics-reporter

and then run it:

docker run -d tenshi/mongo-metrics-reporter


The docker container accept following environment variables:

  • REPORTER - either "influxDb" or "graphite" (by default "influxDb")
  • INFLUX_DB_URL - default "http://localhost:8086"
  • INFLUX_DB_USERNAME - default "root"
  • INFLUX_DB_PASSWORD - default "root"
  • INFLUX_DB_DATABASE_NAME - default "test"
  • GRAPHITE_HOST - default "localhost"
  • GRAPHITE_PORT - default 2003
  • GRAPHITE_PREFIX - default "mongo_lock_stats"
  • MONGO_HOST - default "localhost"
  • MONGO_PORT - default 27017
  • REPORT_INTERVAL - the graphite reporting interval. You can write human-readable interval representation like "1 minute" or "23 seconds". By default "1 minute"

So if your carbon-cache is running on, mongo is on host and you would like to report status every 2 seconds, then you can use this config:

docker run -d \
  -e MONGO_HOST= \
  -e GRAPHITE_PORT=8111 \
  -e "REPORT_INTERVAL=2 seconds" \
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