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HTTP server for static with Amazon S3 backend
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Web server for static using Amazon S3 compatible API as a backend

Env vars

  • STATICD_ALLOWAUTOINDEX - default:true whether we should display file index for directories
  • STATICD_ALLOWDELETE - default:false, whether we should handle DELETE requests
  • STATICD_ALLOWGET - default:true, whether we should handle GET requests
  • STATICD_ALLOWPUT - default:false, whether we should handle PUT requests
  • STATICD_DEBUG - Set log verbosing to debug
  • STATICD_LISTEN - default::8080, address to listen on
  • STATICD_LISTENMONITORING - default::8081, address to listen monitoring data
  • STATICD_MAXUPLOADSIZE - default:1024, size in MBytes with max allowed file size to upload
  • STATICD_S3ACCESSKEY - S3 access key
  • STATICD_S3BUCKETNAME - S3 bucket name
  • STATICD_S3ENDPOINT - S3 endpoint URI
  • STATICD_S3MODE - <proxy|redirect>, default:proxy - file GET method, proxy uses simple proxying, redirect generates presigned URL and sends client to it via HTTP redirect
  • STATICD_S3SECRETKEY - S3 secret key
  • STATICD_S3REGION - S3 region
  • STATICD_S3REDIRECTURLTTL - default:1800s, TTL for presigned URL, i.e. how long it would stay valid
  • STATICD_S3USESSL - <true|false>, default:true - should we use SSL for backend or not

Using with curl

staticd supports two operation modes: proxy and redirect

proxy mode serves as simple L7 proxy for all requests, which means all the data handled by staticd
and proxied to S3 backend.

redirect mode sends redirects to S3 endpoint by presigned URL on GET and PUT requests, which should make each requests
much faster and safer.

cURL example to use with redirect mode


curl -XPUT -T /my/file -L 'http://staticd-instance:8080/my/file'


curl -T /my/file -L 'http://staticd-instance:8080/my/file'
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