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Build environment for an experimental virtualenv-based distribution of Salt
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Who is responsible for this?!?!

My name is Erik Johnson, and I'm a Senior Engineer on the core development team at SaltStack. If you've participated in the community between early 2012 and today, then there's a good chance we've interacted in some way. Hopefully I haven't been a jerk to you.

What is it?

A proof-of-concept for a potential method of distributing SaltStack with all Python dependencies bundled within a virtualenv.


SaltStack releases starting with 2015.8.0 rely on PyCrypto 2.6.1 and tornado 4.2.1, which are not available in the repositories for most Linux distributions (especially LTS releases). This is part of the reason why we took steps to host our own repository, to provide these newer versions of needed dependencies.

However, SaltStack obviously isn't the only project that uses these two modules, and upgrading them via our repositories can be problematic if you happen to:

  1. Use other software which relies on the earlier versions of PyCrypto and tornado available in your distro's official repositories.

  2. Have a company policy against non-essential upgrades.

This POC is an attempt to resolve these conflicts by distributing all Python dependencies in a virtualenv. All of the Python bits get installed under /opt/salt.

For RHEL/CentOS 5 and 6, this project goes a step further and distributes the entire Python 2.7.12 stdlib in the virtualenv, allowing all three RHEL/CentOS releases to use Python 2.7.

Wait, RHEL/CentOS only? What about Debian/Ubuntu/SUSE/etc...?

Like it says above, this is a proof-of-concept. RHEL/CentOS is in my wheelhouse, Debian/Ubuntu/SUSE not so much. If we at SaltStack decide to move forward with this, then our packaging team will expand this POC to other distros. However, for now this is RHEL/CentOS only. Sorry.

Awesome! How the heck do I use this?

See the wiki.

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