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CMDBUILD 2.4.0 from Technoteca
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Ready to configure CMDB
Contains the prerequisite software including Tomcat and JRE.

Running Container

After pulling this image to your docker machine, run the following:
$ docker run --name [some name] -d -p 8080:8080 terminalvelocity/cmdbuild:2.4.0
You can connect to the application via a web browser at this point, but will require a Postgres DB to start the configuration.

The application container has been tested with the official postgres 9.x container image.
$ docker pull postgres:9.3.9
$ docker run --name cmdbuild-db -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=[some password] -d -p 5432:5432 postgres:9.3.9

Configure CMDBUILD

To configure CMDBUILD open up the following address and follow the prompts:

When you reach the DB configuration screen, enter the details below:
Host: [IP of docker host]
Port: 5432
Username: postgres
Password: [password used when container started]

Docker Pull Command

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2 days ago

The driver is part of the image, so sounds like it could just be that your DB container is not accepting connections.

a month ago

After issuing these commands I can start the installation procedure from my browser. Following the instructions above I'm specifying these parameters:
Type: Empty
Name: cmdb
Create Shark schema: true
Host: localhost (container is running locally)
Port: 5432
Super User: postgres
Password: <the one specified in the docker run command>

but the connection test fails... Any ideas? I read somewhere that might be a jdbc connector issue... but how I install it on the container? from the command line?