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Sample ehcache client to connect to a Terracotta cluster
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#What is the sample ehcache client ?

Terracotta Server supports a distributed in-memory data-storage topology, which enables the sharing of data among multiple caches and in-memory

The client java app connects to the Terracotta Server and starts putting and getting key/value mappings.

You can have a look at its code at : src/ ; it's configured to hold few elements (50) on heap, and of course use the Terracotta server at terracotta:9510 as its clustered tier.

The client will either insert or retrieve values every 0.1 seconds

#How to use this image: QuickStart

You can start it up simply with :

docker run --name client -d terracotta/sample-ehcache-client:4.3.4

But you would get such an error message :

The environment variable TERRACOTTA_SERVER_URL was not set; using terracotta:9510 as the cluster url.

followed by :

WARN - We couldn't load configuration data from the server at 'terracotta:9510'; retrying. (Error: terracotta.)

That would be because you need a Terracotta server running.

You can run a terracotta server using (provided you built the terracotta image) :

docker run -d -p 9510:9510 -p 9540:9540 --name terracotta terracotta/terracotta-server-oss:4.3.4

and then re try running the client, with :

docker run -d --link terracotta:terracotta --name client terracotta/sample-ehcache-client:4.3.4

and checkout what's happening with :

docker logs -f client

You can also have a look at the metrics, load from your browser :

How to build this image

To build this Dockerfile, clone this git repository and run :

$ cd 4.3.4/sample-ehcache-client
$ docker build -t sample-ehcache-client:4.3.4 .
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