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A development environment for TerraFERMA. All dependencies are installed but TerraFERMA is not.
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TerraFERMA Docker

TerraFERMA is the Transparent Finite Element Rapid Model Assembler, a software system for the rapid and reproducible construction and exploration of coupled multi-physics models.

This repository contains Dockerfiles for building Docker images with TerraFERMA and its dependencies installed.

To install Docker please follow the instructions at

Once Docker is installed the images can be run using:

docker run -ti terraferma/dev:latest

If you want to share your current working directory with the Docker container
use the following command:

docker run -ti -v $(pwd):/home/tfuser/shared terraferma/dev:latest

Additional arguments are necessary to open the TerraFERMA GUI, diamond, within Docker.
From linux operating systems use:

docker run -ti -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix terraferma/dev:latest

Above we use the dev:latest image and tag, which supplies the most complete and up to date installation but we supply a range of
Docker images:

  • dev - a full installation of TerraFERMA and its dependencies
  • dev-env - a development environment with all dependencies installed but no pre-installed TerraFERMA
  • base - a simple image setting up the user and basic environment


Our Docker images and build process is largely based off that used by FEniCS.

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