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TERRA-REF Maricopa weather station .dat file parser extractor for Clowder.
Full Description

Environmental extractors

This repository contains extractors that process data originating from:

  • GMP 343 CO2 sensor
  • Thies Clima environmental sensors
  • Maricopa lightning/irrigation/weather data

Environmental Logger JSON 2 NetCDF extractor

This extractor processes environmental logger stream data .JSON files into a netCDF


  • Evaluation is triggered whenever a file is added to a dataset
  • Checks whether the file is an _environmentlogger.json file


  • The dataset containing the .JSON file will get a corresponding .nc netCDF file

UAMAC/UIUC Energy Farm DAT parser extractors

This extractor extracts metadata from meteorological DAT files into netCDF, as well as creating entries in the Clowder Geostreams database.


  • Evaluation is triggered whenever 24 .dat files are added to a dataset


  • netCDF metadata is generated and added to dataset
  • datapoints for each record in the DAT files are added to geostream
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