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Extractor to merge a day of GeoTIFFs for a particular sensor into a single large GeoTIFF.
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Bin2Tif Extractor

This extractor processes binary stereo images using metadata and outputs JPG and TIFF images.


  • Evaluation is triggered whenever a file is added to a dataset
  • Following data must be found
    • _left.bin image
    • _right.bin image
    • dataset metadata for the left+right capture dataset; can be attached as Clowder metadata or included as a metadata.json file


  • The dataset containing the left/right binary images will get left/right JPG and TIFF images


The Dockerfile included in this directory can be used to launch this extractor in a container.

Building the Docker image

docker build -f Dockerfile -t terra-ext-bin2tif .

Running the image locally

docker run \
  -p 5672 -p 9000 --add-host="localhost:{LOCAL_IP}" \
  -e RABBITMQ_URI=amqp://{RMQ_USER}:{RMQ_PASSWORD}@localhost:5672/%2f \
  -e RABBITMQ_EXCHANGE=clowder \
  -e REGISTRATION_ENDPOINTS=http://localhost:9000/clowder/api/extractors?key={SECRET_KEY} \

Note that by default RabbitMQ will not allow "guest:guest" access to non-local addresses, which includes Docker. You may need to create an additional local RabbitMQ user for testing.

Running the image remotely

docker run \


  • All the Python scripts syntactically support Python 2.7 and above. Please make sure that the Python in the running environment is in appropriate version.

  • All the Python scripts also rely on the third-party library including: PIL, scipy, numpy and osgeo.

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