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Tesseract 4 OCR Compilation - Docker Container
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Tesseract 4 OCR Compilation - Docker Container

This repository contains scripts and definition of Docker container that helps to compile Tesseract 4.
If you are looking for ready to use Teserract 4 Runtime Environment container (and don't want to compile it) please take look at tesseractshadow/tesseract4re.

If you are not familiar with Docker please read Docker - Get Started.
This compilation procedure is based on:



Scripted steps (tested as a root sudo su):

  1. ./scripts/ - pull tesseractshadow/tesseract4cmp image from Docker Hub (automated build using dockerfile from this repository).
  2. ./scripts/ - (optional) remove t4cmp if it already exists and you want to start from begining (note, all compilation results stored inside container will be lost).
  3. ./scripts/ - run the new t4cmp container.
  4. ./scripts/ - update source code of Leptionica and Tesseract.
  5. ./scripts/ - compile Leptionica and Tesseract, it may take tens of minutes
  6. ./scripts/ - do some OCR tests
  7. ./scripts/ - (optional) build Leptionica and Tesseract packages and copy them outside t4cmp container

Bulid docker container yourself

  1. Clone this repository to your $T4_WORKSPACE
  2. Execute docker build -t tesseractshadow/tesseract4cmp $T4_WORKSPACE (or ./

If something went wrong

You can get into the container using SSH:

  • localhost:4022,
  • user: root,
  • password: root
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