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This is intended to be a collection of tools for use with AWS all packaged together in one tidy container.

So far it just has one script that refreshes and RDS database (removes and restores from a snapshot).

This will remove whatever database you specify with TARGET_DB. Use caution!

Use it like this:

docker run \
    --env=AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID \
    --env=SOURCE_DB=my-prod-db \
    --env=TARGET_DB=my-test-db \
    --env=DB_SUBNET_GROUP=my-subnet-group \
    --env=SECURITY_GROUP=sg-123456 \
    --env=TARGET_PASS=mynewpassword \
    --rm --entrypoint=python texastribune/aws-tools /app/

It assumes an AWS region of 'us-east-1' but you can override that by setting AWS_REGION

The DB_SUBNET_GROUP is optional and only applies to instances residing in a VPC. If not provided
the new database will not be in a VPC.

The security group designation for VPC instances is an ID (e.g 'sg-123456'), for non-VPC it's a name (e.g. 'test-db-sg')

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