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Teradek Sputnik

This runs the server component for Teradek's Bond video transmitters.


Here are some examples of how you could use this image. For more, see the

Starting a Sputnik server

docker run -p 5111:5111 -p 1957:1957 -p 554:554 --detach --name sputnik \

View the logs on a running server

You can do this two ways. You can just attach to the server:

docker attach --sig-proxy=false sputnik

Or you can mount the logs in a utility container:

docker run --rm -i -t --name debug --link sputnik:sputnik --volumes-from sputnik ubuntu
$ tail -f /var/log/sputnik*.log

Use your own Sputnik configuration

  1. Get the default Sputnik configuration. Skip this if you already have some
    config files.

     # assuming you want it copied to ~/volumes/sputnik and it already exists
     docker run --detach --name sputnik-tmp texastribune/sputnik
     docker cp sputnik-tmp:data/conf ~/volumes/sputnik
     docker rm -f sputnik-tmp
  2. Run Sputnik using this configuration:

     docker run -p 5111:5111 -p 1957:1957 -p 554:554 --detach --name sputnik \
       -v ~/volumes/sputnik:/data texastribune/sputnik
  3. Changes saved in the Sputnik admin will persist to your configs. You won't
    need to edit them yourself under normal circumstances. NOTE: Depending
    on how you run Sputnik, you should either edit ports in the config and use
    --net=host, or avoid editing ports and configure ports using Docker's port

  4. Some suggested changes are: change admin and guest passwords, enable the
    stream monitor, and change the upload folder to /data/upload.


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