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Ghost + nginx production configuration for Docker.
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This repo contains a biased Docker configuration for the current version of Ghost - the lightweight, clean, minimalistic, NodeJS-based blogging platform. This configuration is based on a combination of the official Docker configuration for Ghost as well as a modified version of [this guide (, but aims to be more configurable than both, and only runs the production version of Ghost.

Note: At present, this configuration only supports HTTP, and not HTTPS, and we have only built support for version 0.7.1 of Ghost.

A running container spawned from this configuration will contain the following components:

  • An instance of Ghost running at within the container.
  • An instance of nginx bound to within the container. This nginx instance provides some local caching of the content served up by the Ghost instance.
  • The Ghost content directory (which includes uploaded images, themes, etc.) exposed as a volume from /var/lib/ghost within the container.

One can either use SQLite or MySQL as backends for this configuration. See the GHOST_STORAGE environment variable below for details.

Environment Variables
Once your Docker image is built, you can make use of the following environment variables to control how your Ghost instance runs.

  • GHOST_HOST: The base host that will be serving your blog, e.g. Default: localhost.
  • GHOST_STORAGE: The storage mechanism to use for Ghost's content. At present, this can either be sqlite3 or mysql. If sqlite3 is chosen, the SQLite database will be stored in the exposed volume from the /var/lib/ghost folder within the container. If mysql is chosen, one must configure the MySQL database environment variables specified by GHOST_MYSQL_* below. Default: sqlite3.
  • GHOST_MYSQL_HOST: The host address of the MySQL server to use. Default: localhost.
  • GHOST_MYSQL_PORT: The port to use to access the MySQL server. Default: 3306.
  • GHOST_MYSQL_DATABASE: The name of the MySQL database to use for your blog. Default: ghost.
  • GHOST_MYSQL_USER: The MySQL user through which the database is to be accessed. Default: ghost.
  • GHOST_MYSQL_PASSWORD: The password to use when accessing the MySQL database. Default: ghost.

Suggestions and Recommendations
Feel free to send through your suggestions and recommendations as to how to improve this configuration.

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