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Easy youtrack deployment using docker

These Dockerfiles allow you to easily build images to deploy your own youtrack instance.
It's free for up to ten users.


Besides that, as always, use these scripts with care.

Don't forget to back up your data very often, too.


Docker has to run. It supports many platforms like Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, EC2 or the Google Cloud.
Click here to get specific infos on how to install on your platform.

You also need some RAM for youtrack, but I can't really tell how much. Maybe about 200-300MB.

Oh nice! How do I do it?

  1. Install docker. It's not very hard.
  2. Run it! (Stop with CTRL-C, repeat at pleasure)

    docker run -t -i -p that0n3guy/youtrack

Now open your browser and point it to http://localhost:8080 and rejoice. :)

Do it as service in ubuntu/debian

  1. Create directory to store data

    mkdir -p /data/appdata/youtrack
    chmod 777 /data/appdata/youtrack

2a. Create container!

docker run -t -i -p -v /data/appdata/youtrack:/var/lib/youtrack --name youtrack that0n3guy/youtrack

2b. Use dokku-alt to create the container

  dokku create youtrack
  dokku volume:create youtrack-data /data/appdata/youtrack:/var/lib/youtrack
  dokku volume:link youtrack youtrack-data

Now push your project via git to dokku

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