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Development LAMP stack with Mongodb also installed.
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This is a development image that contains a standard LAMP stack, as well as Mongodb. PHP version is 5.5.9.


Both MySQL and Mongodb are installed and run on startup. The ports are exposed for both if you want to connect from outside the container.

  • MySQL port: 3306
  • Mongodb port: 27017, 28017

The username/password for MySQL is:

  • username: admin
  • password: admin

For information on volumes for each database, see the volumes section below.



This is the root location for your application.


docker run -v $(pwd)/html:/var/www/html the1stmovement/lammp:1.0.0

This is the location if you want to store your Mongodb data locally


docker run -v $(pwd)/mongo_data:/data/db the1stmovement/lammp:1.0.0

This is the location if you want to stor you MySQL data locally


docker run -v $(pwd)/mysql_data:/var/lib/mysql the1stmovement/lammp:1.0.0


Xdebug has been installed in this image, but due to networking constraints, can't reach IDEs outside of the container.
To resolve this, you need to add a host called "docker_host" when running a container.

This image is already set up to listen to docker_host, so you need to assign an IP address when you run the container. This can be done with the following parameter:

docker run --add-host="docker_host:" the1stmovement/lammp:1.0.0

If you are on a mac, you can create an alias that will loopback to your local machine with the following command:

sudo ifconfig lo0 alias

You can then run the container with the IP address from the alias:

docker run --add-host="docker_host:" the1stmovement/lammp:1.0.0

For more information about debugging outside of the container, see this article:

Additional Example

docker run -p 80:80 -p 3306:3306 -p 27017:27017 -v $(pwd)/html:/var/www/html --add-host="docker_host:" -d the1stmovement/lammp:1.0.0
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