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LibreOffice Online Compiled with greatly increased max connections and max open documents limits.
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The libreoffice/online image is compiled so that there can only be 20 max connections and 10 max open open documents. Those restrictions make the app unusable for many users. Therefore, I have compiled the project with the max connections and max open documents limits set to 100,000, which should be plenty for all but the largest organizations.

I have also included two modified versions of bundle.js (the meat of the web UI), both of which disable copy and cut. One of them disables export to pdf and downloads of text and presentation documents, while allowing pdf export for spreadsheets, and another allows pdf export for all document types. To use one of these alternative bundle.js's, create a container from the image, docker exec -it <container-id> bash into it and replace bundle.js with the desired alternative, then export and import that container and rebuild an image from the resulting image with a Dockerfile as simple as:
FROM <container-id>
CMD ["/"]

(loolwsd seems to do some caching.. or something.. of the bundle.js once is has started). The original bundle.js and these two alternatives are located at /usr/share/loolwsd/loleaflet/dist in the container.

PLEASE NOTE: While these modifications may help prevent your average user from getting documents out of the system, they are not foolproof. Cut and copy can be enabled rather easily to someone with knowledge of javascript and full downloads of the documents are only fully prevented if you modify your file share and sync (FSS) solution's (e.g. NextCloud) server-side code to prevent them. Also, these modifications obviously do nothing to prevent someone from taking photographs or videos of the content.

Start it up like so, replacing the domain ip, ports, domain, username and password as desired:
docker run -dt -p -e "domain=192\.168\.0\.9" -e "username=admin" -e "password=somethingsupersecret" --restart always --cap-add MKNOD


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