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This image provides an nginx 1.8 server and a reverse proxy server.
Full Description

Nginx 1.8 server and a reverse proxy server docker image

The thedigitalgarage/nginx-18-centos7 image provides an nginx 1.8 server and a reverse proxy server. The image can be used as a base image for other applications based on nginx 1.8 web server.

To pull the thedigitalgarage/nginx-18-centos7 image, run the following command as root:

docker pull thedigitalgarage/nginx-18-centos7

S2I build support

Nginx server image can be extended using S2I tool.
S2I build folder structure:

Folder name Description
./nginx-cfg/*.conf Should contain all nginx configuration we want to include into image
./ Should contain nginx application source code


The nginx container image supports the following configuration variable, which can be set by using the -e option with the docker run command:

Variable name Description
NGINX_LOG_TO_VOLUME By default, nginx logs into standard output, so the logs are accessible by using the docker logs command. When NGINX_LOG_TO_VOLUME is set, nginx logs into /var/log/nginx16, which can be mounted to host system using the Docker volumes.
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