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Jenkins slave with Android SDK, Gradle and support for external AVD container.
Full Description

Jenkins slave with Android SDK for Docker

This image extends thedrhax/android-sdk with Jenkins Swarm module.


The command listed below will start a slave named "test" that will try to connect to Jenkins located at http://jenkins:8080/ using jenkins as login and password. You can change these settings by overriding variables listed below.

docker run -it --rm --name slave -e JENKINS_SLAVE_NAME="test" thedrhax/jenkins-slave-android

Advanced options

Setting up master Jenkins

  • Install the Swarm Plugin.
  • Make sure that port 50000 of master will be accessible for this slave.
  • [optional] Create separate account and allow it to create slaves or just use your account.

Slave configuration variables

  • -e JENKINS_MASTER_USERNAME=jenkins — username for logging into Jenkins
  • -e JENKINS_MASTER_PASSWORD=jenkins — password for user specified above
  • -e JENKINS_MASTER_URL=http://jenkins:8080/ — URL of Jenkins

  • -e JENKINS_SLAVE_MODE=exclusiveexclusive or normal are allowed. [more info]

  • -e JENKINS_SLAVE_NAME=swarm-$RANDOM — name of slave displayed in Jenkins
  • -e JENKINS_SLAVE_WORKERS=1 — number of simultaneously running tasks
  • -e JENKINS_SLAVE_LABELS — slave labels which can be used in Jenkins

  • -e AVD=ip_of_avd_container:5555 — attach the running AVD container to perform the instrumentation testing


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the LICENSE file for details.

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