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Collect files from all rsync daemons in a specific stack and service.
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Rancher automatic rsync service

This service collects files from all rsync daemons running in a specific stack ($STACK) and service ($SERVICE). It uses Rancher Metadata ($METADATA) service to discover running rsync daemons automatically. So you can simply replicate rsync daemon to all your hosts and backup /var/lib/docker/volumes automatically :)

Also this service uses rsnapshot-like backup management (hard links) to save disk space.

Getting started

  1. Create a service that will start rsync daemons on all necessary hosts (I use zhongpei/rsyncd at the moment). You can start as many rsync daemons as you want. Also mount all your backup sources to /data.

  2. Create a service with this container and point it to the previous service by setting $STACK and $SERVICE variables. You should set Auto Restart to Never and run this service when you want to do a new backup. Also mount a volume to /backup to be sure that backups are being saved when container is destroyed.

Starting by Cron

  1. Install Rancher Container Cron from Rancher Catalog

  2. Add new label to rsync service: cron.schedule="your cron rule here"

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