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An opinionated small centos docker image with an init system (S6), a cron and a syslog damon
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  • Updated image (at build time)
  • Reasonable size (125MB compressed on the hub), reasonable number of layers (10) with a squashed Dockerfile (and another one to debug)
  • Don't add too many packages (6) by recompiling and installing just what's needed
  • Init system and multiple processes launcher/supervisor (
    (optional) syslog daemon ( and logger binary, can store locally or forward to another syslog with a simple environnement variable
  • (optional) complete cron/anacron daemon ([
  • logrotate system

Available environnement variables:

  • DCO_CRONIE_START (if "1" (default) then starts the cron daemon)
  • DCO_RSYSLOG_START (if "1" (default) then starts the syslog daemon)
  • DCO_RSYSLOG_REMOTE_HOST (if "null" (default) then don't send logs to another syslog daemon, else forward logs to this hostname)
  • DCO_RSYSLOG_REMOTE_PORT (the remote UDP port of the (optional) remote syslog daemon, default value: 514)

More details and informations at :
(source repository)

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