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Vim setup to act as golang IDE
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vim-go-ide Docker image

This Docker image adds Go tools and the following vim plugins to the official Go image:

It merges these two projects vim-go-ide github/vim-go-ida blog post and go-docker-dev with a little bit more added into the mix.

Here is a Cheatsheet for all IDE specific bindings available in this setup.

To Access the Cheatsheet from inside Vim, just hit F2

Dockerhub Link

File Link

Vim Plugins

Go Tools


Via Dockerhub

docker pull thefynx/vim-go-ide

Via Curl

Sets up a bin file to offer some quick options

curl -s | bash


Run this image from within your go workspace. You can than edit your project using vim, and usual go commands: go build, go run, etc.

If installed via Dockerhub

cd your/go/workspace
docker run --rm -tiv `pwd`:/project thefynx/vim-go-ide

If Installed via Curl Script

If project folder, will just use pwd


From anywhere

vimgo -p /path/to/project

Any additional help info

vimgo -h


  • A good portion of the Dockerfile comes from go-docker-dev
  • Most of the vim-go .vimrc settings come from vim-go-ide github
  • Idea and most of the setup comes from both projects
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