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Images for Infimum Linux builds
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This is where you can find downloads of the latest builds of Infimum Linux images. Development for these images can be found at:

If you're looking for a lightweight container to base your next docker/vagrant environment off of, consider one of these images.

Some initial notes:

-Currently, everything is being built for both glibc and uclibc, as I have uses for both. Will consider other configurations as time goes on, and things mature.

-The "aleph" package refers to the bare minimum configuration that I deem usable (no kernel, busybox, sshd), and is the basis of all subsequent builds, which are just adding either to the build environment or the image itself. These images can be used as a basis for initrd or other lightweight container environments that don't need to do much.

-The "infimum-linux:vagrant-<libc>" images provide basic environments for vagrant using the docker provider (since I had trouble getting vagrant working and interoperable between libvirt/windows environments).

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