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Docker image for Postorius
Full Description

Dockerfile for Postorius

How to run

This docker file expects a volume to be mounted at /postorius/local
This volume should contain an file, since django expects it to be
a valid python module.

This volume can hold any custom configuration and the database, to persist
changes between starts.

You can pass environment variables to alter the settings:

  • MAILMAN_REST_API_URL=http://mailman-core:8001

You can also override the settings using a file in /postorius/local/

Note that this file overrides the environment variables!

The django server is exposed under port 8000

The provided docker-compose file should simply the process of getting it running

Please note that a Mailman core instance is needed to actually use this image. Refer to the compose files included in for compose files that also setup Mailman core.

Access to the django commandline can be obtained using:
docker exec -it <container_name> python /postorius/ mmclient
a mailmanclient Client object is provided for convenience which can be accessed using client

First run

On first start you have to initialize the database by running two commands:

  • Populate the database:
    docker exec -it <container_name> python /postorius/ migrate
  • Create a superuser:
    docker exec -it <container_name> python /postorius/ createsuperuser

How to build

docker build -t <name> .

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