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Short Description
Load balancer "pen" 0.33.2 based on alpine:3.4 only 3.4MB
Full Description


tiny "pen 0.33.2" in alpine only Dockerfile

Docker use

docker run -d -p 443:443 themonnie/pen web0:443 web1:443

Docker-compose use

  image: themonnie/pen:0.33.2
  hostname: pen
    - 5672:5672
    - rabbitmq0
    - rabbitmq1
  command: "pen:5672 rabbitmq0:5672 rabbitmq1:5672"

pen usage

More at

  pen [-C addr:port] [-X] [-b sec] [-c N] [-e host[:port]] \
      [-t sec] [-x N] [-w dir] [-UHPWadfhrs] \
          [-o option] \
      [host:]port h1[:p1[:maxc1[:hard1[:weight1[:prio1]]]]] [h2[:p2[:maxc2[:hard2[:weight2[:prio2]]]]]] ...

  -B host:port abuse server for naughty clients
  -C port   control port
  -T sec    tracking time in seconds (0 = forever) [0]
  -H    add X-Forwarded-For header in http requests
  -U    use udp protocol support
  -N    use hash for initial server selection without save server
  -O option    use option in penctl format
  -P    use poll() rather than select()
  -Q    use kqueue to manage events (BSD)
  -W    use weight for server selection
  -X    enable 'exit' command for control port
  -a    debugging dumps in ascii format
  -b sec    blacklist time in seconds [30]
  -c N      max number of clients [2048]
  -d    debugging on (repeat -d for more)
  -e host:port emergency server of last resort
  -f    stay in foregound
  -h    use hash for initial server selection
  -j dir    run in chroot
  -F file   name of configuration file
  -l file   logging on
  -r    bypass client tracking in server selection
  -s    stubborn selection, i.e. don't fail over
  -t sec    connect timeout in seconds [3]
  -u user   run as alternative user
  -p file   write pid to file
  -x N      max number of simultaneous connections [500]
  -w file   save statistics in HTML format in a file
  -o option use option in penctl format

  pen smtp mailhost1:smtp mailhost2:25 mailhost3
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