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Api-spec-converter from stoplight into docker container
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This is a NodeJS Application that converts from Raml to Swagger. Its using the library in order to do the transformation

It deploys an express server with an endpoint to sent a RAML and obtain the appropiate Swagger.

Set up for NodeJS

In order to test the node application before generating the docker image, its needed to execute the command:

npm install

After that, you just need to execute:

npm start

And server is listening in http://localhost:8080

It has two endpoints:

It is just a test endpoint that returns a RAML included.


It can be used on the other endpoint to test.

It is the main endpoint, it recieves an url as a query parameter in raml, and generates a body response with the Swagger. For example:


Set up for Docker

To build this repository into an image:

docker build -t <your-repository>/<your-image> .

Right now is uploaded into thenanox/api-spec-converter to test

To run this repository:

You just need to map the server port 8080

If you build the image in your own repository and image, you run this command:

docker run –p 8080:8080 <your-repository>/<your-image>

You can use the image uploaded into thenanox/api-spec-converter like this:

docker run –p 8080:8080 thenanox/api-spec-converter

In order to test, you may try the application in the browser accessing the endpoint as explained in Set up for NodeJS:


In windows URL is the IP from the docker-machine. Usually

Docker Pull Command