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Use this container to run the grpcc client and test your grpc server containers
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Forked from njpatel/grpcc to fix some linux containerization problems.


Run a shell in this container.
Add it to a network, and mount a volume containing the protodef.
Alternately, git clone the protodef from inside the container.

 $ docker run -ti -v /Users/hostmachine:/proto --net=host therealplato/grpcc-container:latest bash

Connect to another container running on the network from that bash shell:

 # grpcc -p /proto/service.proto -a localhost:50051 -i

Invoke your grpc server with the grpcc interface.
Method naming is lowerCamelCase, field naming is lower_snake_case

 > client.endPoint({user_name: "asdf", password: "jkl;"}, pr)
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