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Qt binding for Go
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therecipe/qt is Go binding for Qt application framework which allows you to write GUI applications entirely in Go. This package supports almost all platform that supported by Qt, including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, SailfishOS and Raspberry Pi.

The main target of this binding are :

  1. easing the development of GUI application by making Qt's API accessible from Go; and
  2. simplifying the development and deployment processes to multiple platforms.

Even though this binding is still work in progress, it's quite stable and most of Qt's API is already accessible from this binding, so it should already contain everything you need to build a fully featured applications. If you still missing something, feel free to open an issue.

Do note that there are no godoc entry for this package, because most of binding code is generated by generator. However, when building Qt app you can use official Qt documentation because almost every Qt's API is mapped by this binding to same or predictable name in Go.

Deployment Targets

The following targets are currently supported for deployment :

Target Arch Linkage Docker Deployment Host OS
Windows (32 / 64) (dynamic / static / system libs) Yes Any
Android (+Wear) arm dynamic Yes Any
Android-Emulator (+Wear) 32 dynamic No Windows/macOS/Linux
Linux 64 (dynamic / system libs) Yes Any
Raspberry Pi (1/2/3) arm (dynamic / system libs) Yes Any
macOS 64 (dynamic / system libs) No macOS
iOS (arm + arm64) static No macOS
iOS-Simulator (32 + 64) static No macOS
SailfishOS arm system libs No Windows/macOS/Linux
SailfishOS-Emulator 32 system libs No Windows/macOS/Linux
AsteroidOS arm system libs No Linux


  • Gallery, which contains example of GUI applications that created using this binding.
  • Frequently asked questions, especially the licensing section, because LGPLv3 license that used in this binding might be not suitable for your projects.
  • Installation, which shows you how to install this binding on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Getting started, which shows you a simple Hello World example using widgets and QML.


Like any other GitHub projects, you can ask your question by creating new issue. You can also join #qt-binding Slack channel by inviting yourself here.

Besides the official examples, you can also check these 3rd party examples from the community :

Feel free to add your project here!


This binding is released under LGPLv3 license, while Qt is available under multiple licenses.

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