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Logstash Builder image to be used with openshift s2i
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Logstash S2I Builder Image

This is the Logstash S2I Builder image:
To use it, install S2I.

Clone the repository and checkout to dev branch

git clone
git checkout dev

Build the Docker s2i enabled builder image

cd logstash

Sample invocation

s2i build -e REDIS_SERVICE_NAME=<>, REDIS_PASSWORD=<>, ES_SERVICE_NAME=<>, ES_PASSWORD=<> --context-dir=logstash/test/test-app logstash <application image>

The above mentioned environment variables are needed in order to communicate securely with Redis and Elasticsearch. These will be resolved in the logstash.conf file before instantiating the runtime container.

  • Plugins can be installed as part of the build process by placing a plugins.txt file in the root of the source code location (in the above example, it is in logstash/test/test-app folder). Each plugin must be in a new line with an empty line at the end of the file. Place just the plugin-name part of the command:
${LOGSTASH_HOME}/bin/plugin install <plugin-name>

You can then run the resulting image via:

docker run <application image>
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