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Container for simple out-of-the-box LaTeX builds
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Docker-Container for simple LaTeX-Builds

This container aims to provide a simple way to build LaTeX documents out of the
box. You can basically perform any compilation task using this image, although a
simple script is provided to perform a latexmk-powered continuous build.


The container expects your LaTeX-documents mounted at /latex, so if you want
to start a continuous build from your cwd, simply run:

docker run --rm -it -v `pwd`:/latex theromanempire/latex autobuild yourfile.tex

Which will compile your tex-file to a PDF-Document, including BibTex & SyncTex
support, and watch your files for changes and recompile everything whenever a
change happens. All this is done through the magic of latexmk.

Adding additional cls-files

TEXMFHOME is located at /root/texmf within the container. Simply put your
files there (in the correct hierarchy). And re-run texhash and mktexlsr /root/texmf so that LaTeX will find them.

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