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Basic image containing Qt compiled with google chrome native client (NaCl)
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DockerFile Qt5.4 NaCl

DockerFile to generate a base image for ubuntu 14.04 with Qt5.4 and NaCl

Building dockerfile

In a termial go to the folder where have put Dockerfile.

Execute this command :

  $  sudo docker build -t qtnacl5.4.2 .

It will take a lot of time !!!
Then execute this command to run a container :

  $  sudo docker run -it qtnacl5.4.2 bash

Using image from Docker Hub

Pull the image

$ docker pull theshadowx/qt5.4-nacl

Run a container

$ sudo docker run -it theshadowx/qt5.4-nacl bash

How to build and deploy your application

So you have made your application and you want to build and deploy it using "QtNaCl", I think the best way is to mount the folder containing the project as a Data Volume so that you could read/write data directly to the project folder.

N.B. : you have to use the full path to "qmake and nacldeployqt" in order that some QML/Qt files would be generated, otherwise you will have a blank window in the browser when you deploy the application.

Generating Makefile

$ docker run --rm -it -v /path/to/ProjectFolder:/data/example theshadowx/qt5.4-nacl bash -c  "mkdir /data/example/build/ &&  /opt/QtNaCl_5.4/qtbase/bin/qmake /data/example -o /data/example/build/"


$ docker run --rm -it -v /path/to/ProjectFolder:/data/example theshadowx/qt5.4-nacl bash -c "cd /data/example/build && make"


$ docker run --rm -it -P -v /path/to/ProjectFolder:/data/example theshadowx/qt5.4-nacl:OoS_Qt5.4.2_NaCl42 bash -c "cd /data/example/build && /opt/QtNaCl_5.4/qtbase/bin/nacldeployqt ProjectName.bc --run"

Now the app is listening to port 8000

Deploying "nacl.bc"
Using SDK "/opt/nacl_sdk/pepper_42"
Qt libs in "/opt/QtNaCl_5.4/qtbase/lib"
Output directory: "/data/example/build"

sh: 1: /usr/bin/google-chrome: not found
Serving HTTP on port 8000 ...


Docker Ip

$ ifconfig

As result

docker0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 02:42:4c:f0:5b:e5
inet adr:<b></b> Bcast: Masque:
adr inet6: fe80::42:4cff:fef0:5be5/64 Scope:Lien
Packets reçus:1267 erreurs:0 :0 overruns:0 frame:0
TX packets:796 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
collisions:0 lg file transmission:0
Octets reçus:26991144 (26.9 MB) Octets transmis:68019 (68.0 KB)

The IP :

Container port

In another terminal :

$ docker ps
834315034c8c theshadowx/qt5.4-nacl "bash -c 'cd /data/ex" 24 seconds ago Up 23 seconds>8000/tcp

Here the port is 32772

Chrome Browser

Open the chrome browser and put the following address (depending on the IP and the port you got from precedent steps)

When you launch the app for the first time, you'll have to wait some seconds; But after that, it will be instantaneous.

Location of Qt and NaCl SDK

The NaCl SDK is in


The Qt compiled with NaCl is in

Docker Pull Command
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