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Latest vscode dockerized
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Containerized VSCode

This repo builds a Docker container for Visual Studio Code, which can be used on OSX. I've included a wrapper script to make launching containers a little easier. The script takes a list of files or directories to mount into the container like this: ./ /Users/cole/lib /tmp/stuff /Users/cole/.ssh. The directories will be mounted at the same path in the container. The ~/.vscode directory is always mounted if it exists, otherwise a Docker volume will be created for it.

A note about the X11 socket on OSX

Despite my best efforts I could not get a container to use the XQuartz X11 socket directly, even using --privileged. Instead, socat is proxying the socket over the default NIC. Since it's a local to local connection it shouldn't introduce latency or performance issues, but it does mean that port 6000 needs to be available on your mac and that there will be an unauthenticated connection to X11 available.

If anyone knows of a way to pass XQuartz's socket through to a container that works with OSX 10.11+ please let me know!


  • Docker for Mac
  • socat (to install via Homebrew: brew install socat)
  • XQuartz (to install via Homebrew: brew cask install Caskroom/versions/xquartz-beta)


Run make build to build the container. If you'd like an OSX app wrapper, I've used Platypus successfully.

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