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This project was a challenge made by flugel-it.
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Fun with jenkins - Challenge

What is that?

This project was a challenge made by flugel-it.


The goals of the challenge are:

  • Complete this Dockerfile;
  • Create a new job using groovy scripting;
  • This new job must be a seed job that executes the "echo helloworld" command.

Starting point

There are good examples of creating different type of jobs using groovy scripts.

Quick start

Some small instructions about how to run this projects. For more informations,

  1. Install Docker:

    Follow the instructions at Docker official documentation.

  2. Clone this repository and enter in the directory:

    git clone
    cd fun-with-jenkins2
  3. Build the image with:

    docker build -t jenkins-groovy .
  4. Run the container with:

    docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --name myjenkins jenkins-groovy
  5. Now you can do login on localhost:8080, with
    admin:admin as user and password.

  6. You will see two seed projects created:

    • hello-seed-job - The master goal of this challenge;
    • fun-seed-job - Another seed project I have built to handle the
      fun-with-jenkins2 repository from, that use the
      Jenkinsfile from SCM to get the steps.

      Both projects have timer trigger configured with this rule:
      "H/15 * * * *", which means both projects will run every 10 minutes from
      when they were created. These projects will create another jobs using dsl scripts.

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