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Pearson Tugboat and Tugboat configure generator VM
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This should allow you to run tugboat without having to do all of the work to install them on your vm.

Just install docker and start this docker container with this cmd:

Make sure that $HOME map to a folder you have read write access on your local machine

docker run -it -v $HOME:/home/tugboat/local thibeault/tugboat:v0.9.6 bash

on windows, it should look like this;

docker run -it -v /c/Users/<your username>/<the directory you created>:/home/tugboat/local thibeault/tugboat:v0.9.6 bash


cd /home/tugboat/local

and you will see your $home folder... create a working folder ex:

mkdir myAppDeploymentConfig
cd myAppDeploymentConfig

create your deployment config with

yo tugboat

modify your config if needed

cd .tugboat
vi (what ever json you need to modify)
cd ..

deploy your app to the cloud

fab full_deploy:environment=dev,version=1.0.0,force_app_package=true,verbosity=3

undeploy your app

fab full_undeploy:environment=dev,version=1.0.0,ttl=0,verbosity=3

go devops...

On Mac OS X and if you are not in Denver office, you have to VPN in, don't ask me why, and let's just assume there must be a good security reason for it ;-(. We will keep trying to get this fix, but until then you have to vpn in or travel to our Denver's office.

cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client won't work with docker, best download openconnect

On mac os x:

download and install brew:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

make sure you have everything up to date

brew update

with brew install openconnect

brew install openconnect

vpn into

sudo openconnect


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