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Docker image for Helpy (
Full Description Docker Image

This repository contains the neccessary files to build and run your own containerized instance. The container is designed to run standalone or on OpenShift Origin.


This image is available on DockerHub. To pull it, run:

docker pull computersciencehouse/helpy


This image expects a number of environment variables to be set to properly run:

  • POSTGRES_HOST should be set to the hostname or IP address of your PostgreSQL server
  • POSTGRES_DB should be set to the name of your database
  • POSTGRES_USER should be set to the name of your database user
  • POSTGRES_PASSWORD should be set to the password for your database user
  • POSTGRES_PASSWORD_FILE file instead of enviroment variable (useful for docker secrets)
  • SECRET_KEY_BASE should be set to a long, random string (used to sign and verify cookies)

You may also set DO_NOT_PREPARE=true to skip database migrations. It is advised to leave this alone to ensure database migrations run on version change.

When the image is run, the application will be served by Unicorn on port 8080.


The application will store uploaded files in /helpy/uploads. A volume should be mounted in this location to provide persistant storage.

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