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Thinkcube Project Drupal
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  • Only meant for internal drupal 7.34 development purposes only.

  • The image is based on CentOS 7 and includes httpd 2.4.20 (ius repository), php 5.4.45 (remi repository) with the following extensions php-gd, php-mbstring, php-pdo, php-mysqlnd, php-xml and php-pecl-uploadprogress.

  • Since only for development the drupal source is not included within the image you will have to download it and mount it.


docker pull mariadb:10.0.26

docker pull thinkcube/tcdrupal-base

mkdir -p ~/tcdrupal/{mysql,drupal}


tar xzvf drupal-7.34.tar.gz --strip-components 1 -C ~/tcdrupal/drupal

docker run --name mysql -v ~/tcdrupal/mysql:/var/lib/mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=abc123 -e MYSQL_DATABASE=drupal --restart=unless-stopped -d mariadb:10.0.26

docker run --name drupal --link mysql:mysql -p 8081:80 -v ~/tcdrupal/drupal:/var/www/html --restart=unless-stopped -u user -d thinkcube/tcdrupal-base

Database name: drupal

Database user: root

Database password: abc123

Advanced Options:

Database host: mysql

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